Site management plan

1: Preparation of site plan 

         Before starting any construction project, preparation of the site is essential. Preparation of site management plan includes clearance of project area, construction of access road, labour quarter, storeroom, technical office, administrative office etc.

Construction management

2: Organizing labour in the site management plan

         It is the main element that plays a vital role to complete any construction work. so the proper management of labours before starting the project is most important.

3: Measures to improve labour efficiency

           All organized effort is done to achieve goals, in our purpose the goal is to execute any construction works. Though the goal of construction is primary, the person involved in the construction also has their own need and goals which are important to them. Several models have been developed in order to understand the complexity of people. However, the efficiency of labour depends upon the skill, knowledge, experience as well as willingness to work. It also depends on:- 


b)Working condition of the site

c)Working hours

d)Rewards and punishment system

e)Employers behaviour

f)Tools and equipment introduced

g)The job of desired nature

4: Accident prevention

           The accident is an event that happens all of a sudden, unexpectedly e.g. hitting by falling from a height, collapse of deep foundation sites etc.

            Safety is the most important thing to be considered in the construction business. Unsafe working conditions not only cause minor accident or injuries but it may also cause the death of workers involved in construction. No compensation can provide a life for a dead person. The main causes of accidents may be broadly divided into:-

a)Physical causes

b)Physiological cause and

c)Psychological causes

       Following are the measures to prevent the accident:-

a)Protective hard hat (helmet)

b)Protective footwear

c)Protective hearing device


e)Gloves, masks and goggles

f)Signals etc.

5: Responsibilities of civil overseer in site management plan

            We know, overseers are playing the role of the supervisor in construction works. Overseers act as a bridge between engineers and labours. As a supervisor (or overseer) bears certain responsibilities which are listed below:-

a)To understand the duties and responsibilities of his own position.

b)To plan the execution of the work.

c)To divide the work among the worker and to direct and assets them in doing it.

d)To improve work methods and procedures.

e)To teach the subordinates.

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  1. i feel most important measure on a say multi-storey building is to have a scaffolding envelope to protect workers from fall and has to be managed in a way japanese contractors do

    1. Ok, sir. We are soon bringing Japanese safety rules PDFs and posts. Thank you so much for guiding us, sir.

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