Fire Hazards

Fire Hazards leads to loss of lives and properties and many more. Not only hundreds; Thousands of people in the world dies due to fire yearly. The fire hazards may take place at home, office, industries, etc. As far as possible main effort should be applied initially to control it because after it broke down; It is very hard to control it that leads to loss of property, infrastructures, documents and sometimes lives of human or animals too.

In many cases, it is found that about 50% of fire hazard takes place because of the short circuit and electricity-related problem. 

The fire also damages the structure and fails concrete too. Some of its effects are of fire on concrete are shown below:

Subjecting of concrete to high temperature causes the spalling of concrete. Effects of temperature are:

100 deg. C = No effect or negligible

200 – 250 deg.C = 25% Loss of efficiency

500 – 600 deg. C = Completely loss of efficiency

Causes of Fire Hazards

1.Combustion of combustible material( combustion materials are those materials that can be easily ignited at ambient temperatures).

2.Due to underground electric table.

3. Building fire from bone fire.

4. Electric short circuit.

5. Due to electric appliances like heating of air condensing.

6. Storage of combustible chemical and flammable liquid.

7. Due to lightning.

8. Due to smoking.

9. Broken down of gas pipes and gas leakage.

fire hazards

Effects of Fire Hazards

  • Production and release of toxic gases
  • Destroy of water supply and electric supply system
  • Combustion and damage of timber structure and flammable material in a building like furniture, roof, paper, clothes etc.
  • Injury to humans and animals
  • Loss of important properties, documents, foods or lives
  • Environmental pollution and an increase in global temperature

Remedial Measures 

  1. Collecting waste paper in a tight-fitting metal container
  2. Store important paper in fire resistance safe cage
  3. Do not store electric appliances near to the electric circuit
  4. Do not store flammable liquid for a chemical if unavoidable store in a safe cage only
  5. Install fire safety measures on a building to reduce fire risk
  6. Treat the combustible material with a fire retardant chemical to reduce the chance of ignition
  7. Prevent smoky area
  8. Install a proper fire alarm system
  9. Public awareness
  10. Do not use high Ampere electrical devices as far as possible
  11. Close the gas cylinder’s main outlet when it is not in use.

fire hazards

In this way, there may be many more causes, effects and remedial measures of fire hazard. 


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