Building And It’s Types

1.1: Introduction 

           Every family needs a building to reside. except for residential purposes, buildings are also required for educational, institutional, business, assembly and for industrial purposes. The building is required for the storage of material also. A building is defined as a structure consisting of walls, floors, and roofs which is constructed to provide covered space for different uses such as residence, education, business, manufacturing, storage, entertainment, workshop, etc. The building is a  permanent enclosed construction over a plot of land which has the roof and usually window and often more than one level, used for any of a wide variety of activities such as living, manufacturing or entertaining.

1.12: Types of buildings

           Buildings are classified according to the occupancy into the following types:-

1)Residential building

            Residential buildings are the type of buildings in which the sleeping accommodation is provided for normal residential purpose, with or without cooking or dining or with both facilities. Except for any building classified under category 3. Or buildings constructed for residential purposes are called residential buildings.

Example:-apparent houses, hotels, dormitories, etc.

2)Educational Building

        Educational buildings are those building used for school, college, or daycare purposes for more than 8 hours per week. Simply buildings constructed for educational purposes are called educational buildings. Such as school, college, or daycare.

3)Institutional Buildings

           Buildings constructed for the purpose of medicinal or other treatment, care and treatment of people suffering from physical or mental illness, care of infants, improvement of moral and habitual behavior, etc. are called institutional buildings 


Example:-Hospital, Nursing homes, Orphanages, Jail, Mental hospital, etc.

4)Assembly buildings

        Buildings constructed for the gathering of people for the purpose of amusement, recreation, social, religious, travel recreations or similar purpose is called assembly buildings.

Some Example is an auditorium, exhibition halls, museums, skating rings, gymnasiums restaurants, skating ring, dance halls, club rooms, passengers stations, terminals of air or surface or marine and public transportation services, etc.

5)Business Buildings

             Buildings constructed for the transaction of business for the keeping of accounts and records of the business are called business buildings. 

Example:-City halls, courthouses, libraries, etc.

6)Mercantile buildings

       Buildings constructed for the use of shops, stores, market for the display and sell of merchandise either wholesale or retail. In another way buildings constructed for the purpose of trade or commerce are called mercantile buildings.

7)Industrial Buildings

           Buildings constructed for the purpose of fabrication, assembly, and processing of products or materials are called industrial buildings.

Example:-Mills, dairies, Industries, gas plants, refineries etc.

8))Storage Buildings

         Buildings constructed for the storage and sheltering of goods wares mercantile etc. are called storage buildings 

Example:-Cold storage garages, warehouses.

9)Hazardous Buildings

         The building which is constructed for the storage, manufacture, and processing of highly explosive, combustible materials and which are liable to burn with extreme capacity and which may produce poisonous fumes or explosion are called hazardous buildings.

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