Advantages of Irrigation

Three basic needs of agricultural production/ Irrigation area unit are soil, seed, and water. In addition, fertilizers, insecticides, sunshine, appropriate atmospherical temperature and human labour also are required. There are many advantages of irrigation.

 In several parts of the world, the moisture available in the root-zone soil, either from rain or from underground waters, may not sufficient for the requirements f the plant life. 

Necessity of Irrigation

Rainfall varies considerably in place, time and in amount. The intensity of rainfall is very high during the monsoon season and less during other seasons. So crop cannot be raised successfully over the entire world without providing artificial irrigation of fields. The necessity of irrigation is as follows:

– Non-uniform rainfall throughout the year

– Less rainfall than a requirement

– Increasing food demand

– Controlled water supply


Advantages of irrigation

Every irrigation project is designed keeping in view of economics i.e. expenditure likely to incurred and benefit likely to occur. So any irrigation projection should be economically feasible. Generally, a project giving benefit at least about 8% interest of the capital outlay is implemented. Sometimes unproductive projects are also implemented in view of the general public benefits.

 The advantage of irrigation are as follows:

– Increase in food production 

– Hydropower generation

– Elimination of mixed cropping

– Flood control

– Insurance against drought

– Inland navigation

– Forestation

– Facility of communication

– The prosperity of the nation

– Optimum benefits

– Domestic water supply

– Quality of life( Will increase the living standard of peoples)

– Employment ( many peoples will be employed)

All these are the advantages of irrigation. For making irrigation more advantageous source selection should be done with great care. Source near to command area and having quality water should be selected. This will make irrigation project more advantageous and cost of construction and maintenance cost will also decrease.

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