Village Roads

A village is such a perfect place where you can find harmony with nature with its pleasing scenario, fresh air, hospitable people and simple quiet life. Basically, it’s a suitable place to live if you are in search of a certain spiritual serenity and want to enjoy the pleasure of meaningful time among the most magnificent rural landscapes.

Most of the houses in the village are stone or mud-built, some are made of wood and bamboo with a thatched roof, yet naturally beautiful. People living in villages have their own principle of “Plain Living and High Thinking”. They like to have a simple, happy and satisfied life. National customs, social norms and values, and unique traditions are equally preserved by the villagers. There you can find closeness between the people, mainly between elder and younger generations since the village children are more likely to spend their due time with their elderly family members. There is a mutual understanding between the neighbours. 

Besides all these, there are some drawbacks of the village and its road condition;

  •  Many villages are found to be underdeveloped rural areas where there is a lack of proper health, education, transportation, communication facilities and lack of many other modern means of developmental infrastructures.
  •  Villages in high altitudes are made narrow due to which it becomes so difficult to carry out transportation facility in such places. 
  • Village roads are paved, dusty with stabilized base. They are designated just for light vehicles rather than for heavy ones. Roads seem to be dangerous because the roads are narrower, slippery, ditches in the roads due to this there may be a chance of landslide, soil erosion and so on. There is the possibility of various potential hazards that every driver should be aware while driving down a rural road mainly at nights.
  • There is a high chance of accidents due to roughness of roads, lack of traffic engineering tools including signs, traffic lights, traffic police and other traffic rules. No doubt that the injured casualties of accidents have to lose their life as there is a lack of proper health facilities and hospitals around rural areas. 
  • Village roads have a gravel base, thus they often get deteriorated rapidly mostly during the wet rainy season, resulting in the disruption of transportation services and access to health centres and markets for goods.

Here are some effective ways to improve the condition and construction of roads;

  • Government and the road transportation authority should implement crucial road safety rules, laws, codes and conducts.
  • Roads are needed to be monitored by the concerned authority.
  • There should be proper availability of modern traffic engineering tools.
  • There needs to be a quick response in time for the proper management of roads.
  • Health facilities and health centres for minor accidental injuries that may occur in roads should be provided.
  • Mass awareness among people is also another essential way to reduce traffic road accidents.
  • Various afforestation and plantation programs should be conducted nearby road areas so that it could prevent from landslide and soil erosion problem.
  • Road widening can improve traffic safety and it’s the capability to withstand in all weather conditions.
  • Roads should be constructed properly with simple design and high error margin techniques.
  • There should be the establishment of road boards in order to manage road maintenance.

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