Command Area


The area over which canal irrigation water flows by gravity is known as the Command area. Following are the types of Command Area.

Command Area

Types of Command Area

1)  Gross Command Area:

Gross Command Area is the total area which can be economically irrigated from an irrigation scheme without considering the limitations of water is called Gross Command Area. It is denoted by GCA.

2) Culturable Command Area:

Culturable Command Area is the area in which crop is grown at a particular time or crop season. It is denoted by CCA.

CCA=GCA- Uncultuable area

Uncultivable areas such as excluded from GCA to obtain CCA. The culturable Command Area can be of two types. They are:

a) Culturable cultivable area:

It is the area within the culturable command area where cultivation is actually done at present.

b) Culturable uncultivable area:

  It is the area within the culturable command area where the cultivation is possible but not done at present.

3) Net Command Area:

It is the culturable Command Area obtained after deduction of canal networks, supply ditches etc constructed in the field. It is denoted by NCA.

NCA=CCA- the area occupied by canals, canals network and ditches.

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